Current News

In November 2018 I moved to a new studio - an old Mill building, built in 1904. With a larger space and with incredible, tall windows and great, natural light, this is another in a series of wonderful studios I have had over the past 30 year, both in England and in the U.S.A.

They have varied in both size and character from the stern of a boat on the river Thames, to a cotton gin warehouse to a converted firehouse, to my current space. Since my working environment, both inside and around my studio, has always been so important, these spaces, in different ways, have been an inspiration to me.

With a larger, workspace, I have been exploring larger scale work and installations, working with antique, Damask wallpaper as my starting point. With the wallpaper mounted on to foam core panels, there are little vignettes inset in to the surface- scenes of people’s private lives, hidden behind the walls. There are key holes where people look out, antique opticians lenses behind which a family portraits sit- a peek in to the history and the people who might have lived in the 1920’s or Victorian times. Positioned in front of the wall panels, is an old arm chair, covered with the same wallpaper pattern paper, and with additional objects attached to it -the idea being that this chair may once have sat inside the home and traces of people long gone might linger there.

In addition, I am excited to be showing a new series of eight, small ‘animal portraits’ in a wonderful little gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This series will be up through the Summer and Fall of this year.


Cruz Gallery, Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Collection of 8 ‘Animal attribute’ portraits


Galerie Hertz,   Louisville, KY - "Animal Attributes and Peculiar Personas". Opening reception November 18, 1-4pm.

Exhibition runs 18Nove - 31Dec.

Cumberland Gallery,  Group exhibition of collaborative work, August 4 - Sept 8.   Collaborative partner - Catherine Cornelius

Fraizer Rehab Unit,   The successful installation of the found object installation "Small Stories" at the Fraizer Rehab Unit, Louisville.  This piece can be seen on the 8th floor, outside of the Children's Ward.  May 2018.  On this website under 'Installation' section.


Participation in the LVAA Open Studio Tour, November 2017

Cumberland Gallery,  Nashville, TN - New Arrivals, August 19th - September 16th( group show)


Cumberland Gallery,  Nashville, TN - Artist Selects 2016 (group show)

Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN - Storytellers (group show)

Galerie Hertz - Louisville, KY - Day And Night , November 2016 (2 person show)

Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK - Strange Worlds - The Vision of Angela Carter


Galerie Hertz – Louisville, KY – Collage and Assemblage, Group Show

Participation in the LVAA Open Studio Tour, November 2015


LVAA Public Gallery

Group show, opens June 4th


Two house moves in two years has meant little time for involvement in exhibitions.  However, new work has been in production and I have made some exciting developments.

Collaboration with a metal fabricator on forged steel pieces has allowed me to pursue an interest in wall sculptures.  These include found objects but also, my own, small paintings.  (See some this work under "Current" category).


After 5 months of renovating a new home, I have established myself in my NuLu studio and am back at work.

Recent Activity:  I participated in Louisville's First Artist Open Studio Tour which was held the weekend ofNov 9th and 10th.  Over 70 artists opened their doors for a behind the scenes look at their places of work.

Currently working on a series of miniature hand-made books.


El Museo Cultural, Santa Fe NM
Recycled Santa Fe Art Festival
Juried Art Exhibit
Weekend of 11 - 13 November

Mill Fine Art, Canyon Rd. Santa Fe NM
Small Works Group Show - juried show
Opens November 4 through Christmas

Gallery Hertz, Louisville, KY

Triptych, 3 woman show:  Caroline Waite, Gayle Cerlan, Jacque Parsley

May 15 - June 18, 2011

KMAC (Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft)

Artist's Collect, group exhibition

Jan 15 - March 12, 2011

Caroline took one wall of the Steve Wilson Gallery and created a site specific

installation, directly on to the wall.  This is an 8ft x 4ft silhouette 'figure' filled

with hundreds of small objects from her personal studio collection.

 Go to links page to see photos of installation or paste this link into your browser:

Caroline's work is featured in the January 2011 Edition 8 of UPPERCASE Magazine.

Several of her matchbox art pieces are showcased in an article about matchboxes. 

UPPERCASE Magazine is a wonderful, contemporary design magazine, published in Calgary on a quarterly basis.